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An interview with filmmaker Qiu Yang

He recently won the Leitz Cine Discovery Prize during Critic’s Week at Cannes. Meet the Changzhou-based filmmaker and VCA Master of Film and Television graduate Qiu Yang.

A woman gently presses her head against a bus window. The shifting neon lights from the street outside wash over her face, and somewhere in the city beyond, living or dead, is her daughter. Somewhere else in China, a young man is accused by the children of an elderly woman of pushing her on the street after taking her to a hospital, with devastating social implications for both families. On the other side of the world, a young woman leaves her stifling family life to go for a walk through a Melbourne street at night, but will never return. Continue reading An interview with filmmaker Qiu Yang

Irfan Avdic, director of Precious. Interview

Precious takes the traditional story of a teenager dealing drugs to improve his lot in life and gives it new life. Taking in ideas of teenage pride alongside ideas of escape and entrapment, Precious is a bravura piece of work that is already the recipient of numerous awards, including Best Student Film at the Sarajevo Film Festival in 2018. Continue reading Irfan Avdic, director of Precious. Interview

Interview to Modhura Palit

Young Indian cinematographer Modhura Palit EICA (Eastern India Cinematographers Association), IWCC (Indian Women Cinematographers Collective) will receive the 2nd Angénieux “special encouragement” award on May 24th, 2019 during the “Pierre Angénieux ExcelLens in Cinematography” ceremony at the Cannes Film Festival. This recognition will allow Modhura the opportunity to use the most sophisticated Angénieux lenses on an upcoming project. She told us more about herself and her vision of cinematography.

Continue reading Interview to Modhura Palit

Interview of G.García Márquez to Akira Kurosawa

In October 1990, in Tokyo, while Kurosawa was still filming his penultimate film, Rhapsody in August (Hachi-gatsu no kyōshikyoku, 1991), writer and director met to discuss the differences between literary and cinematographic language, and the difficulties of the adaptation of the first to the second.  On the occasion of the central topic of Rhapsody in August, they addressed the physical, spiritual and historical consequences of the Nagasaki nuclear bombing in 1945 and the reaction of the perpetrator, the United States: the establishment of a machinery of oblivion in Japan, under its auspices, in place of acceptance of his crime and publicly apologize; they also delved into the conditions of happiness, the limits of man, and, of course, the implications of this in art. It is a friendly duel between two of the sharpest and most passionate minds of his time, showing a deep concern to leave, through his work, a positive legacy for humanity.  This is a part of the interview. Continue reading Interview of G.García Márquez to Akira Kurosawa

Rituparno Ghosh – The ‘Enfant Terrible’ of Indian Cinema

By Amitava Nag

May has a very special connotation in the Bengali psyche. It is in this very month when two of Bengal’s brightest stars of the cultural sky were born – Rabindranath Tagore and Satyajit Ray. It is on a rainy day in the end of the same month two years back when Bengal lost its most versatile film-maker of contemporary times. It was a romantic rainy day in 2013 unlike the sweltering summer this year and I was driving to my office when the news of Rituparno Ghosh’s untimely death hit me quite hard, like many others. Two years later and the initial shock evaporated by now what does Rituparno Ghosh’s cinema mean to me? Continue reading Rituparno Ghosh – The ‘Enfant Terrible’ of Indian Cinema

Interview with Manoj Michigan

Written by Shoma A. Chatterji

To make a short film stripped of stars, technical razzmatazz, much of a story, and even dialogue, would be a challenge for any filmmaker. Manoj Michigan, who has been making feature films in Bengali with strikingly out-of-the-box subjects has just made I Reborn, a 20-minute film that explains the cycle of life through a warm story of a young Dom whose name we do not come to know. Continue reading Interview with Manoj Michigan

Interview to Buddhadeb Dasgupta (Amitava Nag)

The indian director Buddhadeb Dasgupta will recieve the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 18th edition of Imagineindia International Film Festival Madrid.

Here is an interview to the director by the critic and writer Amitava Nag for The Hindu :

I need my solitude. I need to be with myself: filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta

Buddhadeb Dasgupta, who will complete four decades in filmmaking, chooses to stay outside the mainstream.

Continue reading Interview to Buddhadeb Dasgupta (Amitava Nag)

Cinematographer in focus: Pooja Gupte

By Priya Bhattacharji

Trained in commercial arts, Pooja Gupte has alternated between the world of commercials and independent shorts, documentaries, and features.

Here, Pooja speaks of the demands of her job – the artistry, the technicalities, and team-work. From the well-thought-out composition of visuals to the intuitive composition of team dynamics, Pooja zooms in and tracks her world behind the camera. She recounts her fascinating career that started off as an assistant cinematographer, and has spanned from a cinematographer for National-award-winning film Crossing Bridges to Director of Photography in Netflix’s latest production, Brij Mohan Amar Rahe. Continue reading Cinematographer in focus: Pooja Gupte

The unhurried genius of G Aravindan (Nasrin Munni Kabir)

Ahead of an event to mark the Malayalam master’s 25th death anniversary and 80th birth year in March, memories of the ‘Chidambaram’ shoot with actress Smita Patil.

I met Govindan Aravindan through Satti Khanna, a common friend, 36 years ago in Bangalore. Aravindan exuded a rare and intense tranquillity,  although he spoke so little and so softly that sometimes you did not even catch the few words he did say. An observant man who could read your thoughts and feelings, but did not let on that he had. It is not a surprise that the power of his films is in his images and not in the words – in what he did not say rather than said. Continue reading The unhurried genius of G Aravindan (Nasrin Munni Kabir)

Interview with Wai Lun Kwok. Participant at Imagineindia 2018

Interview done by Imagineindia at Warsaw Film Festival 2017

Yesterday it took place the screening of your film in this festival with subsequent Q&A. How can you rate the experience?

Basically, it was fine. I’d like audience to have talked more about the film (not about its production and political obstacles), but in the beginning the audience hadn’t been very talkative, not very eager. Continue reading Interview with Wai Lun Kwok. Participant at Imagineindia 2018