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FILMS  SELECTED for Imagineindia 2017

Trapped in Japan  (Vivienne Barry)  Chile

Curumim  (Marcos Prado)  Brazil

Shaadi, Sex aur Parivaar (Aman Kaleem)  India.  (PSBT)

Until Space Remains  (Gaurav Saxena)  India. (PSBT)

The Books We Made  (Anupama Chandra, Uma Tanuku)  India. (PSBT)

The People’s Train of Culture (Carolina Espinoza)  Spain

The Devil  (K. Prada)  Spain

Though you may not know it. The poetry of Luis García Montero
(Charlie Arnaiz, Alberto Ortega)  Spain

Keeper of swing (Andrea Barrionuevo)  Spain

Flight of the guitar. Dreaming of Paco de Lucía
(Jorge Martínez, Javier Limón)  Spain