Imagineindia in Barcelona. December – March

IMAGINEINDIA in collaboration with Casa Asia presents a number of 11 films, seven of which come from India, one from Sri Lanka, one from Pakistan and two from Nepal. Continue reading Imagineindia in Barcelona. December – March


Imagineindia Barcelona 2016. From 2 july to 13 august.

The Eighth edition of Imagineindia Barcelona will take place with the collaboration of Casa Asia during the months of July, August, at Cines Girona,  every Saturday at 20.00 h.

Imagineindia International Film Festival  and Casa Asia present a film programme on India whose contents include narratives exploring urban and rural life through the stories that exchange its protagonists. This first part of the programme will be screened during four Saturdays in July 2016, and will consist of 5 feature films . As in previous editions, the films presented in this Edition are related to gender issues and dramas of everyday life, whose protagonists living in the current India, sharing with the anonymous multitudes of this country culturaly complex and socially diverse.


2 july,  20.00h
RADIOPETTI  (Hari Viswanath) India

9 july,  20.00h
THE SILENCE  (Gajendra Ahire) India

23 july,  20.00h
FROZEN (Shivajee Chandrabhusan)  India

30 july,  20.00h
OTTAAL (Jayaraj)  India

6 august,  20.00h
THE QUEST (Sikta Viswas)  India

13 august,  20.00h
FROZEN (Shivajee Chandrabhusan)  India

Imagineindia films at Filmoteca de Catalonia. Miklós Jancsó

Imagineindia will show 4 films of the hungarian director Miklós Jancsó at Filmoteca de Catalonia (Barcelona). At the same time Imagineindia continues with the screenings of the Retrospective of  Dariush Mehrjui at Cines Girona, Barcelona. Every saturday at 20.00 h.

Schedule of filmos of Miklos Jancsó :
SZEGÉNYLEGÉNYEK (The round up)                                                                       7  & 12  july, 21.30 h 

CSILLAGOSOK, KATONÁK (The red and the white)                                      5  july , 16.30 h.                                                                                                                     22  july , 20.00 h.

CSEND ÉS KIÁLTÁS (Silence and cry)                                                                         3  july, 19.00 h.                                                                                                                         8  july, 20.00h.

FÉNYES SZELEK (The confrontation)                                                                           4  july, 19.00h.                                                                                                                         9  july,  21.30h.

Dates for Imagineindia Barcelona 2015

The Seventh edition of Imagineindia Barcelona will take place in this great city in November and December 2015.

With the collaboration of Casa Asia the Festival Imagineindia will screen around 16 films from India. Films mainly related to “art film”, social research and new trends so distant from the bollywoodian imagery.

The festival will continue informing about the programme and activities to be scheduled in Barcelona.