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Nerea Garmendia (Actress)

Born in the Guipuzcoan town of Beasain, at age 10, she moved to San Sebastián where she lived until she went to Madrid to study at the Cristina Rota Drama School and Alicia Hermida’s La Barraca.

Nerea began to become famous among the Basque public with the program of ETB2 Vaya Semanita where she was one of the protagonists. The sitcom was presented by Óscar Terol and had such fame that TVE1 decided to launch them statewide with Made In China.

Moh Maya Money (Munish Bhardwaj)

Moh Maya Money (English: In Greed We Trust) is a Hindi Feature film directed by Munish Bhardwaj and starring Ranvir Shorey and Neha Dhupia. The film’s journey began at the NFDC Film Bazaar in 2015 where it was a Film Bazaar Recommends project. The film premiered at the New York Indian Film Festival, and has also played at the London Indian Film Festival, Silk Screen Festival at Pittsburgh and the Chicago South Asian Film Festival where it was selected in competition and as the Centerpiece film. Continue reading Moh Maya Money (Munish Bhardwaj)

SANSARE DADAYAKKARA, a film of Prasanna Jayakody (Srilanka) in Barcelona

SANSARE DADAYAKKARA, Dir. Prasanna Jayakody | Sri Lanka | 2015 |75’
Leopard Do Not Bite (Sinhalese: Dadayakkaraya) is a Sri Lankan drama directed by Prasanna Jayakody, starring  Sanjeewa Upendra, Hemasiri Liyanage, and Christina Britto. It depicts a conflict between a monk and a hunter, giving a ground to a philosophical exploration of death’s place in life. The story was inspired by Simon Navagattegama’s novel Dadayakkaraya’s story. It was screened at 20th Busan International Film Festival 2015. Continue reading SANSARE DADAYAKKARA, a film of Prasanna Jayakody (Srilanka) in Barcelona

Imagineindia 2018 AWARDS

BEST FILM :     Newton (India) Amit Masurkar                                                                                            Producers :   Manish Mundra, Shiladitya Bora.

BEST DIRECTOR :   Veronica Kedar (Israel) for  Family

BEST ACTOR :  Tzahi Grad (Israel) for The Cousin

BEST ACTRESS :   Angellie Nicolle Sanoy (Phillipines) for  Bomba

BEST PHOTOGRAPHY  :    Airat Iamilov (Russia)  for Sofichka

BEST MUSIC :     Daphne Keenan (Israel)  for  Family

SPECIAL MENTION IN MUSIC :  Highway 318 (Yunxing Nie) China

BEST SHORT FILM :  ADN of Wild Beasts (Delphine Montaigne) France

SPECIAL MENTION for short films :

Shmama (Miki Polonski)  Israel

Nada (Adel Ahmed Yehia)  Egypt



July rain (M.Khutsiev) a prophetic work at Imagineindia Navarra

Fimoteque of Navarra                                                                                                       Paseo Antonio Pérez Goyena  3                                                                               Pamplona                                                                                                                                   Tf :  848 424 795                                                                                                         

Wednesday 21 december                                                                                   20.00 h

Marlen Khutsiev’s “July Rain” has lost none of its radical modernity. Often described as the Soviet version of an Antonioni film, pic follows 28-year-old Lena (Evgeniya Uralova, who bears a vague resemblance to Monica Vitti) through a kind of existential crisis, as she realizes her relationship with perfect boyfriend Volodya (Aleksandr Belyavsky) is empty and their friends are superficial fools. Continue reading July rain (M.Khutsiev) a prophetic work at Imagineindia Navarra

Taandro, a film of Samten Bhutia

TAANDRO (Nepal) 2015

Director:  Samten Bhutia
Music:  Aadha Sur
Producer:  Satish Kumar Gautam
Cast:  Dayahang Rai, Rajan Khatiwada, Buddhi Tamang
Script:  Samten Bhutia, Upendra Subba

Koshish is a member of an underground Maoist group that is battling the Government of Nepal to overthrow the monarchy and establish a republic. He specifically belongs to the cultural wing of the outfit, which consists of troops that go from village to village and spread awareness among the poor, uneducated masses about their rights. It is in effect the propaganda wing of the guerilla outfit. Koshish is leading an unarmed cultural troop on an awareness program in the village of Chailung, in the western district of Lamjung. Continue reading Taandro, a film of Samten Bhutia


Few films have shown early 1960’s Moscow, its young inhabitants, its streets, squares, houses, and apartments in such lively, immediate fashion and created a such clear-sighted portrait of a whole generation’s attitude towards life as Marlen Khutsiev’s MNE DVADTSAT LET (I Am Twenty, 1961-64). Born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1925 and trained at the State Film Academy (WGIK) in Moscow, this director, screenwriter, actor, professor, and outstanding protagonist of the 1950s and 60s Soviet New Wave produced the central work of Soviet Thaw-Era cinema with this film, despite the fact it had to be cut and reworked following an intervention by Khrushchev. Continue reading IMAGINEINDIA AT FILMOTEQUE OF NAVARRA (DECEMBER 2016)

Imagineindia Barcelona 2016. From 2 july to 13 august.

The Eighth edition of Imagineindia Barcelona will take place with the collaboration of Casa Asia during the months of July, August, at Cines Girona,  every Saturday at 20.00 h.

Imagineindia International Film Festival  and Casa Asia present a film programme on India whose contents include narratives exploring urban and rural life through the stories that exchange its protagonists. This first part of the programme will be screened during four Saturdays in July 2016, and will consist of 5 feature films . As in previous editions, the films presented in this Edition are related to gender issues and dramas of everyday life, whose protagonists living in the current India, sharing with the anonymous multitudes of this country culturaly complex and socially diverse.


2 july,  20.00h
RADIOPETTI  (Hari Viswanath) India

9 july,  20.00h
THE SILENCE  (Gajendra Ahire) India

23 july,  20.00h
FROZEN (Shivajee Chandrabhusan)  India

30 july,  20.00h
OTTAAL (Jayaraj)  India

6 august,  20.00h
THE QUEST (Sikta Viswas)  India

13 august,  20.00h
FROZEN (Shivajee Chandrabhusan)  India

Imagineindia 2016 Awards

BEST  FILM :                                                                                                                 RAUF  (Soner Caner , Baris Caya)  Turkey

BEST  DIRECTOR :                                                                                                   HANNA  POLAK (Something better to come)  Denmark, Poland           RUCHIKA  OBEROI (Island City)  India

BEST  ACTRESS :                                                                                               TANISHTA  CHATTERJEE (Island City) India

BEST  ACTOR :                                                                                                     RAGHUVIR  YADAV (The Silence)  India

BEST PHOTOGRAPHY :                                                                                     VEDAT  ÖZDEMIR (Rauf)  Turkey

BEST   MUSIC :                                                                                                       RICHARD  FORD (Radio Set) India

BEST CHILD ACTOR :                                                                                             ALEN HUSEYIN GURSO  (Rauf) Turkey                                                                 ALI AKBAR SAHRAIE (The sea and the flying fish)  Iran

BEST  SHORT :                                                                                                                       MOUSSE (John Hellberg)  Sweden

SPECIAL  RECOGNITION  :                                                                                           TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES (TISS)  India

The festival pays lot of attention to gender issues. So we are obligued to add this text of Nishta Jain and Nagraj Manjule :

Nagraj Manjule’s words have stayed etched in my mind since I read them a couple of weeks ago after the release of his film Sairat. His words ring true especially in the context of the men and women of our elite institutions denying the charges of widely prevalent misogyny. It might be well worth for all of us to pay attention to his words. Rarely a man has spoken so honestly on the subject of men’s treatment of women. It requires rare courage to speak this:

“I am tired of this world created by men, ruined by men. I want a woman now to build the world or mess it up. I also realise that a woman is the Dalit in every case. Even when you look at savarnas [forward castes], the woman is secondary. Even a Dalit man would look down upon a savarna woman. Yet, the fact is that half the world is populated by women. We are fighting small fights — Hindus versus Muslims, Dalits versus upper castes. Gender is the bigger battle. I am tired of the man within me. I also want to change. You get unconsciously trapped in male values. You are superior only because you happen to be a man. I want a break from this male-dominated world.”

Press Conference / Presentation of Imagineindia festival 2016

“The 15th edition of Imagineindia International Film Festival will kick out next 17 may in Madrid.

A prelude of the festival has had its space at the headquarters of B The Travel Brand Xperience in April and will continue in may and June.

A total of 71 films in 14 sections, 7 venues (Filmoteca Española, B The Travel Brand Xperience, Teatro del barrio, Casa Asia, Función Lenguaje, Russian Center of science and culture, CC Pilar Miró) for 16 days will give good account of the independent film scene.
Comedies, thrillers, dramas and much more where the public can choose to their taste!

To highlight the films on/of Russian director Igor Savchenko, the Indian actress Suchitra Sen and the most outstanding concerned about social inequalities Indian director Shyam Benegal.

Abound in the sections which reflect the efforts of the great institutions of India as the Tata Institute (TISS), or Public Broadcasting Service (PSBT) that year after year bring to the festival films from research on social trends, gender rights, situations of conflict, among many other social issues.

If everybody’s mouth echoes the word Bollywood with the imminence of their awards in Madrid, Imagineindia has for 15 years been showing great Maestros who have left their mark in our lives through “other cinema”.


Day :   11 may,  wednesday. 12.00 h

Venue :   B The Travel Brand Xperience.                                                             Calle Miguel Ángel 33. Madrid

Invitees :  El Gran Wyoming, Sergio Pazos, Yolanda Font (Actriz), David Marqués (director), Alicia Lledó (Kamala Producciones), Sara Casasnovas, Qazi Abdur Rahim.

More info :