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Short Films

FILMS SELECTED for Imagineindia 2019 (not completed)

3 Year 3 month Retreat (Dechen Zangmo)  Bhutan

Into the Blue (Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic)  Croatia

Aakrosh (Princy Pal)  India. (SRFTI)

Bhagavati (Aakash Nagraj Yankannavar)  India. (SRFTI)

Boundary (Gaurav Puri)  India. (SRFTI)

A Glow Worm in the Jungle (Ramana Dumpala)  India. (FTII)

A Letter to Home (Mukul Haloi)  India. (FTII)

Palaayan (Madahav Chandra Sai)  India. (FTII)

Latchkey (Ridhi Chabra)  India. (FTII)

Ghayta (Pratik Girish Bhoyar)  India. (FTII)

Written By? (Konkona Chakraborty)  India

Let some clouds float in (Mayuresh Gotkhindikar)  India

The Peanut Seller (Etienne Sievers) India / Germany

Tara versus (Ayesha Anna Ninan)  India

Shame (Anusha Bose)  India

An Essay of The Rain (Nagraj Manjule)  India

Gadhul (Ganesh Shelar)  India

Malai (Sarmistha Maiti, Rajdeep Paul)  India

The Lovers (Preeti Singh)  India

Burning (V. S. Sanoj)  India

Manicure (Arman Fayyaz)  Iran

Grbavica (Manel Raga Raga)  Portugal

Graduation Year 97 (Pavel Ostrikov)  Russia

Soap and Water (Francesco Cocco)  Spain

Rag Doll (Roberto Montalbo)  Spain

I have nothing to say (Liang Ying)  Taiwan

Storyteller (Anil Güldogan)  Turkey


FILMS SELECTED for Imagineindia 2018

Amir & Sara (Jalal Hussaini)  Afganistan

Photographs of a School Teacher (Mahde Hasan) Bangladesh

Red Light (Toma Waszarow)  Bulgaria

A Gentle Night (Qiu Yang)  China

The End (Jiri Volek)  Czech Republic

My Window (Bahaa El Gamal)  Egypt

Nada (Adel Ahmed Yehia)  Egypt

DNA of Wild Beasts (Delphine Montaigne)  France

Meral, Kizim  (Süheyla Schwenk)  Germany

Sevince  (Süheyla Schwenk)  Germany

Moonga (Nilesh Kumar)  India  (FTII)

Bhoomi (Mithun Chandran)  India  (SRFTI)

Rachis (Pratik Thakare)  India  (SRFTI)

Three Chapters of a Life in Chains (Roopkatha Purakayastha) India (SRFTI)

Scattered (Nikhilesh Matoo)  India  (SRFTI)

Probably (Gaurav Madan)  India

Barsaati (Priya Naresh)  India

Kurli (Natesh Hegde)  India

Kajal (Paakhi A Tyrewala)  India

Juice (Neeraj Ghaywan)  India

Mother (Tarun Jain)  India

Gaze (Farnoosh Samadi)  Iran

Retouch (Kaveh Mazaheri)  Iran

Song of Hands (Hamze Zarei) Iran

The Step (Mohamed Hossam El Din)  Italy

Munda (Tinna Hrafnsdóttir)  Iceland

Footsteps (Hannes Thor Arason)  Iceland

Shmama (Miki Polonski)  Israel

Hotel Al Naim (Shirin Abu Shaqra/Manuel María Perrone) Lebanon-France

Salamat from Germany (Una Gunjak/Rami Kodeih) Lebanon-France

El gran líbano (Mounia Akl/Neto Villalobos) Lebanon-France

Bones for Otto (Matei Lucaci-Grunberg)  Romania

The Lesson (Hugo Gómez)  Spain

Tradition (Lanka Bandaranayake)  Sri Lanka


FILMS  SELECTED for Imagineindia 2017

There was a place (Irene Garcés)  14 min. Spain

Carlos has lived for years remote from the site where he and his family grew by an aversion to the figure of his father. When he dies, Carlos returns to face his disappearance in a way to reconnect with a part of his past that seems lost.

Classmate  (Javier Marco)  10 min. Spain

A man and a woman meet on a bus. She’s an engineer and she’s married. He’s homeless.

Munich  (Natxo Fuentes) 13 min.  Spain

Two young guys want to go to work to Germany. They live in a little village and they’re willing to start a new life far away from there. They’re travelling on an old sidecar motorcycle, a three seat vehicle that envelops them in a love triangle.

The divine  (Sendoa Cardoso) 6 min. Spain

El Divino (The Divine) is a portrait of Karolo, an unique character from the Old Port in Algorta, who has always shaped his life around his values and his artistic flair whatever the cost.

Bereavement  (Yolanda Román)  9 min. Spain

Bereavement: the time needed to learn how to live with a loss… and to bear the absence.

Wolves  (Álvaro Rodríguez Areny)  12 min. Spain

World War II. Arthur, British Royal Air Force pilot, flees cross-country after his plain crashes. He begins a fight for survival in which he will encounter more than German enemies.

A Real Family  (Israel Medrano Pérez)  17 min. Spain

In a near future, a middle age woman decides to become a single mother and buys sperm through as internet company to get pregnant. During her pregnancy she finds out that some additional services were also offered.

The Policy Line  (Santos Díaz)  20 min. Spain

María has a steady job and is a self-sufficient woman. Her father’s illness takes her into analyzing mixed feelings. Juan gives lessons as a music teacher and keeps himself busy playing. María and Juan, once together in the past, enjoy a friendship based on mutual concern. A series of meetings and disagreements will take them to a moment of sincerity.

A rro rró  (Cándido Pérez de Armas)  4 min. Spain

There are families who keep unspeakable secrets.

Turnaround  (Alfonso Díaz)  15 min. Spain

Ana and Andrés meet at a rural hotel. Step by step a mutual attraction grows. Will this meeting be the turnaround point in their lives?

Faith (Juan de Dios Garduño)  11 min. Spain

Adolfo, the town’s priest, gets a phone call from a desperate family. They believe that their daughter is possessed by the devil.

My Life is Cinema  (Bogdan Toma, Fernando Cayo)  20 min. Spain

A film that talks about the difficulties of shooting in Spain.

The app  (Julián Merino)  16 min. Spain

Benito succeeds in life thanks to The App, the new mobile application that guarantees happiness … But, what if the application tells you that you have to commit suicide if you want to be happy?

Our friend the moon  (Velasco Broca)  15 min. Spain

Our friend the Moon is first and foremost a journey. A journey in time, in space and through other dimensions, whose trajectory only Velasco Broca knows how to draw on the celluloid.

Washakie and the boy with wet hands (Eric Monteagudo
Orió Peñalver) 14 min. Spain

Washakie travels to the land of the white people because his village was left without water. There he meets a mysterious cowboy who flees the city.

El lleó de tigres  (DaVid Conill)  9 min. Spain

After many years out of his city, Miquel decides to reunite with his family.

Braquage Sérénade  (Guillaume de Ginestel)  20 min. France

A bank robber has fallen madly in love with one of the cashiers working at a bank he robbed. Finally overcoming his timidity and overly romantic personality, he decides to kidnap her in order to declare his feelings. His clumsy, sky-masked courtship.

The Entomologist  (Laurent Diennet)  20 min. France

Mathieu, pathological dreamer, has been cut off the world since childhood. Isolated for a longtime, he is today a Nobel Prize. A television crew decides to meet him in order to draw his portait…

Burning  (Slimane Bounia)  18 min. France

Burning is a choral story of Algerians nowadays who are struggling like this frozen fish that passes from hand to hand from Kabyle mountains to the fishing coast.

Book Alive  (Jean Marc Godes)  20 min. France

History: Meetings take place between a book and men, women, children and animals, along the water, from the mountains to the sea. Nature, the real, the unreal, poetry And music are the material and texture of this homage to reading and life.

No need to bring flowers  (Jérôme Walter Gueguen)  11 min. France

A young man pays his weekly visit teatime visit to his grandmother. As usual, she’s fed up with living. Together they shall plan the best suicide scenarios possible, as dreams and perhaps worse things gently make their way into reality.

Unleavaned bread  (Wilfried Meance)  8 min. France

Rémi is in love with Vanessa. Vanessa is in love with Rémi. Only one damper : His bread won’t rise…

A Whole World for a Little World (Fabrice Bracq) 15 min. France

A woman tells a great story to her baby. In the manner of a tale with princes and princesses, she remains into his memories to pass on his daughter.

“Ave María”  (María Claudia Blanco)  10 min. France

Adam, a boy that was never born narrates the story of his mother: a Latina waitress in Paris who gets pregnant by her regular customer.

After the Ispeguy pass  (Patrick Vuittenez)  24 min. France

Martial lost his father after the Ispeguy Pass. Since, he strangely persists in repairing the damaged vehicle. Maybe to keep him close, just a little more before growing up.

Southern Edge of the Cloud  (Alon Chan)  40 min. France

When pureness and simplicity take us for a journey, dare you jump for an adventure and how far it will bring us to?

Son  (Cyrus NeshvadI)  15 min. Luxemburg

Sébastien, who cannot come to terms with his son being in a coma, begins to question his reality.

Wall  (Maya Tsamprou,  Mark Sargent,  Harris Tsambas)  13 min. Greece.

Friday afternoon. Nine people before a wall. Waiting. Who has the right to see?

Alepou  (Jacqueline Lentzou)  28 min. Greece

A single mother of three is getting ready to spend a day out with who appears to be her boyfriend, much to the disappointment, disapproval and chagrin of her eldest son Stephanos with whom she has an argument right before leaving the house – an argument that leaves her very distraught. While this is happening, the two younger siblings are reading books next to their sickly dog, Lucy. What none of them knows is that their lives are about to be disrupted irreversibly and that this was their last day of carefree fun.

Gudh  (Saurav Rai) 27 min. India  (SRFTI)

Gudh reminisces those childhood memories, which perhaps everyone went through in life. Those obscure moments etched into our memories, which we find hard to correlate as grown-ups. It’s about Ajay, his childhood, his love for his mother, his village, its ongoing revolution and the changes it brings forth.

Edpa Kana  (Niranjan Kumar Kujur)  26 min. India  (SRFTI)

Ashok goes back from city to his village with an Agenda. At home he discovers that his parents have chosen for a bride for him. Caught between the dual realities of orthodox village life and his progressive city life he struggles to speak his mind

Kamuki  (Tomy Christo)  24 min. India  (SRFTI)

Divya, a 17 year old school girl realizes that she is pregnant from her estranged boyfriend. Disregarding her family and school obligations she sets out to find and claim him back to her life.

Randu Kurippukal  (Gireesh Kumar K)  30 min. India  (SRFTI)

An old couple, in their seventies, lives in a village, waits to see their daughter and grandson. But the only daughter who lives abroad with her child is reluctant to come back to her parents. Meanwhile the boatman in the village fails to solve the disagreement with his young wife. She leaves the one year old son with the boatman and goes away from the house. The decision taken by the boatman to overcome the dilemma changes the world around the old couple

Leeches  (Payal Sethi)  26 min. India

Leeches deals with the topic of contract-marriage and its ill effects on society,by following the life of 16 year old Raisa and her tumultuous journey through the process of a contract marriage.

The Limit  (Sonia Saharan)  23 min. India

The film is about a social issue where a family has its own issues. They try to resolve the problem within themselves. The treatment of the film is similar to the way human life is: some laziness, some pressure.

EKAB  (Himanshu Prajapati)  11 min. India  (FTII)

Bhairav, according to Hindu mythology, is the supreme ruler of time. The film takes place in a narrow lane in a North Indian small town.Three young men are engaged in a virtual game of poker on their cellphones. Meanwhile, at around midnight, a young couple is returning home from the call centre they work at. Barriers between the real world and the virtual world collapse.

Dead end  (Rakesh Kumar)  15 min. India  (FTII)

Gaurav and Atul are two school friends celebrating the end of their exam. A detour to a brothel and a chance encounter with a cop brings out the worst in them.

Andhere Mein  (Vijaya Singh)  15 min. India  (FTII)

The short fim Andhere Mein is an adaptation of a story by the same name by the wellknown Hindi writer, Nirmal Verma. The story revolves around four characters, a young boy , his parents and a family friend. The child now grown up into a youngman recollects the events leading to a violent altercation between his parents during a particular summer break in the town of Amravati. The film tries to create the universe of a child as he tries to understand the tension between his parents involving the family friend.

A Hairy Tale  (Shivangi Mittal)  5 min. India  (FTII)

A fun adventure of a young girl having her first hair cut in an all men’s salon.

Afternoon Clouds Sound  (Payal Kapadia)  13 min. India  (FTII)

Kaki is a 60 year old widow who lives with her Nepali maid Malti. The film takes place on one afternoon in their house where a flower blossoms in the balcony. Malti meets a boy from her hometown unexpectedly. In the meanwhile, men in the passage spray mosquito repellant smoke that gives Kaki bad dreams

Abhisarika  (Sonam Singh)  15 min. India  (FTII)

Abhisarika a 16-17th century Indian literature phenomenon which has been painted in a series of Ragamala Paintings has been interpreted and subverted in contemporary times. Sarika is a lover of music, nature and she is mostly longing to get loved and feel the physical presence of her husband around her. One night she get decisive about seeking pleasures in the longing of her husband. The film explores how even the natural element conspires against this desire of a married woman to prevent her from breaking these social codes of morality. Will Sarika attains the solace by doing so??

Patliputra Express  (Raj Rishi More)  12 min. India

A retired army personnel, travelling in a train to visit his dying son, finds some solace in the company of a young musician travelling without ticket.

Red Ribbon  (Sabyasachi Dey)  24 min. India

A relationship between two teens Moni and Sandhya from India and Bangladesh develops when both came to the Border under compulsion for illegal smuggling. Sandhya is about to be sold off by her step mother. Moni plans to save her by taking to India.

Tears of the Autumn (Wasaf Jeelani)  14 min. India

A film based on Kashmir,s conflict with a humanistic point of view. Around 8000 – 10.000 cases of forced disappearances have been reported in Jammu and Kashmir after the beginning of political turmoil in 1989.

The Ravens   (Jennifer Perrott)  22 min. Australia

When young Ruby’s father returns unexpectedly from war, his volatile state makes it difficult for the family to reconnect. Ruby’s anxieties are projected onto a pair of ravens, vigilantly defending their nearby nest, who become a catalyst for the troubled family’s journey from crisis to healing.

You Are On Earth. There Is No Cure For That (Umut Beşkırma) 25 min. Turkey.

After many years Levent got out of jail and he had nowhere else to go rather than his sister’s. They started suffering together with the darkness of the past and fear of the future.

The Night before 13th day  (Mohammad Ali Karimkhani)  17 min. Iran.

A young man who needs money go for a theft and accidentally enters an old man’s apartment who has been waiting for his lost son for a long time. It seems the old man has Alzheimer and is remained in the past, before his son was lost. He has always be

Touch  (Noel Harris)  15 min. Canada

A single mom, facing eviction, is offered work. Desparate, she reaches out to the last person she wants to ask for a favour.

Saudade  (Oliver García Tavizón)  26 min. Mexico

1920. Clara awakes trapped in a mysterious train where memories travel to oblivion. To find her way out she must ally with other memories whom will help her understand why she’s there.

The Chop  (Lewis Rose)  17 min. Great Britain

‘The Chop’ is a comedy about Yossi, a charismatic Kosher butcher who loses his job, cannot find work at other Kosher butchers, and therefore decides to pretend to be Muslim in order to get work at a Halal butchers.