Programme in May – June 2018


B The Travel Brand Xperience (MADRID)                                                             Calle Miguel Ángel 33.  Metro Gregorio Marañón

Monday  28 May
19.00 h

Nada (Adel Ahmed Yehia)  Egypt (Official Section)

Szamota’s Mistress (Adam Uryniak)  Poland (Official Section)

Plaza de Legazpi 8. Metro Legazpi
Sala Azcona

Tuesday  5 June
16.30 h

 Bomba (Ralston Jover)  Philippines (Official Section)

Tuesday  5 June
18.30 h

The Lesson (Hugo Gómez)  Spain (Official Section)

The Cousin (Tzahi Grad)  Israel (Official Section)

Wednesday  6 June
17.00 h

Tradition (Lanka Bandaranayake)  Sri Lanka (Official Section)

Highway 318 (Yunxing Nie)  China (Official Section)

Wednesday  6 June
19.00 h

Shmama (Miki Polonski)  Israel (Official Section)

Blockage (Mohsen Gharaei)  Iran (Official Section)

Wednesday  6 June
21.00 h

Newton (Amit Masurkar)  India (Official Section)


Filmoteca Española (Spanish Film Institute)
Calle Santa Isabel 3 
Metro Antón Martín

Tuesday 22 May
18.00 h. Sala 2

 Lal Darja (Buddhadeb Dasgupta) India (Retrospective)

Wednesday 23 May
20.00 h. Sala 2

Janala  (Buddhadeb Dasgupta) India (Retrospective)

Thursday 24 May
18.00 h. Sala 2

Manda Meyer Upakhyan  (Buddhadeb Dasgupta) India (Retrospective)

Friday 25 May
20.00 h. Sala 2

Kaalpurush  (Buddhadeb Dasgupta) India (Retrospective)

Calle Mayor 69
Metro Sol

Monday 28 May
19.00 h

Family (Veronica Kedar)  Israel (Official Section)

Tuesday 30 May
19.00 h

The Cousin (Tzahi Grad) Israel (Official Section)
With the attendance of LIBERTO RABAL and TZAHI GRAD
Q&A with the director.



Imagineindia Póster 2018

Design :  Wai Lun Kwok (Hong Kong)