Imagineindia Programme in April

Centro Cultural Lavapiés                                                                                      Calle Olivar 46. Madrid. Metro Lavapiés.

FOUR WOMEN  (Adoor Gopalakrishnan)  28 April.  19.00 h

B The Travel Brand Xperience                                                                                     Calle Miguel Ángel 33. Metro Gregorio Marañón.

FRENCH  SHORTS    25 April.  19.30 h

Slimane Bounia
France. 18 min

Burning is a choral story of Algerians nowadays who are struggling like this frozen fish that passes from hand to hand from Kabyle mountains to the fishing coast.

Cyrus Neshvad
Luxemburg. 15 min

Sébastien, who cannot come to terms with his son being in a coma, begins to question his reality.

Jean Marc Godes
France.   20 min

History: Meetings take place between a book and men, women, children and animals, along the water, from the mountains to the sea. Nature, the real, the unreal, poetry And music are the material and texture of this homage to reading and life.

THE LAST SMILE  (Shankey Srinivasan)  27  April.  19.30 h